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Inspired by a real woman

The idea of ​​packing women's intimate supplies striked me in 2015 because of, totally unsurprisingly, a woman. Specifically, because of my friend Pavlina. We were enjoying free summer afternoon in sunny Bratislava and she told me what an embarrassing situation had happened to her at work.

When going to the toilet holding tampon in her hand, she met her manager who was about to introduce a new colleague. She described to me that uncomfortable moment when you have to throw a tampon in your other hand. I felt that I should - for her and for all other women - do something.

I carefully listened when my friend began to talk about how unfortunate it is that nobody had thought about the impracticality of the packaging. She complained about her tampons being spilled all over her purse and about almost always having the cardboard box of tampons torn because of the handling. The more she talked to me, the more I felt an urge to help women with this problem. I decided to create a case for tampons, which will be beautiful like them, functional and reliable as they would like it to be, and the most discreet for reassurance and joy in the days when they need it the most.